Classic Card Games in HTML5 @ Cards.LOL

A hot new website called Cards.LOL is producing excellent html5 games with responsive design. We have spoken to Cards.LOL to get the scoop on their work.

Q: Why are you building classic card games? Aren’t they overdone?

A: Absolutely there are a lot of versions of Solitaire out there, but we found that the best games were all mobile-native. The top-ranked games in Google results are all pretty old and bad. Most were never designed for mobile at all and just are cruising by on excellent links and history. We think our web based classic card games are better.

Q: What technologies were used to build your games at

A: For graphics we’re using PixiJS v5 because it’s super speedy and mature at this point. Card games have no use for 3d outside of a cardflip animation so those are accomplished with sprites and skews and such. We wanted the games to load fast and act fast, and they do.

Q: How are you monetizing

A: We’re just not yet. We see the usual adsense on other sites and it kind of detracts from the game but we honestly have been putting more effort into the game rather than monetization. So, for now, the games have no ads and are totally free.

Q: Who’s the target audience for

A: Anyone on any device, we want people to play these games and we’re planning on making some modern updates to the games so they’re more social. Solitaire is called solitaire for a reason but we think there can be more fun to be had.

Thanks and good luck guys!