Video Games and Their Popularity

Are you a video game fanatic?  Whether you are or not, video games have become a natural part of our civilization.  I’m a high school math teacher and my students are always talking about video games they are playing at the time. I have always believed that if they spent as much time on their math problems as they spend playing video games, they might all have A’s in my class!  What a concept!

Whether I like it or not, my students will always be obsessed with video games.  For example, when FortNite:Battle Royale came out last year, that’s literally all they talked about!  That shouldn’t be a surprise as it has more than 40 million players worldwide. I’m sure my students, their friends and maybe even their parents are passionate fans of this game.  

When my son was in high school, he was a big fan of Guitar Hero.  Now he is an adult, soon to be 30, and he still plays video games.  I don’t think it is something we grow out of. I really can’t talk much as I was addicted to Angry Birds when it made its debut.  

There are so many great video games to choose from and you’ll probably find yourself playing them more than you should.  Heck, we only live once so why not!

If you are looking for a great selection of video games to choose from, you should check out  The sites genre of games includes:

  • Action/adventure
  • Sports
  • Shooter
  • Racing
  • Arcade/Puzzle
  • RPG
  • Fighting
  • Strategy/Simulation

Each game has a description in case you are wondering what the game is about and the site is easy to order from.

I’ll leave you with this…video games are fun to play and can even be addicting.  I don’t think it is a bad thing to play video games, if it is for a limited amount of time.  I think it is difficult to know if we actually have a problem when it comes to playing the games or if we are playing them because we enjoy playing them.  The best advice is to be smart about the amount of time you spend playing your favorite video game and don’t go overboard with it!

Written by Lisa Brown, a high school math teacher for 32 years and the mother of two awesome kids, who spends her spare time blogging.

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